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We are haunters building tools for haunters

Hellscape was created by haunters, for haunters. Seriously. We’re heading into our home haunt’s 5th year. We found ourselves spending a lot of time managing the digital aspects of a modern haunt. Website management, marketing, and ticketing are all areas with steep learning curves and can consume days of a haunter’s valuable time and energy. When all you want to do is focus on building out awesome haunts and killer scares, the other stuff just seems like such a burden. But there’s no denying its importance. So, we went to work building a scalable solution to help fellow haunters easily manage their online presence, market their attractions, and handle ticketing. Like true haunters, we saw a problem and built a solution.


Do you like getting spooky? Let’s get spooky, together.

Do you put on a haunted house or scary event? We welcome all spooky attractions, big and small, to add themselves to the Hellscape Haunted House site! If there is already a profile created for you, you can claim it to modify the content and branding to fit your attraction’s needs. Getting started is as simple as setting up a basic social media profile.

Did I mention that Hellscape Haunted Houses is free? Yeah, there’s really no reason not to dive in.


A tool for haunters to save time and money while doing the things that attract guests

To guests, Hellscape provides a directory of spooky attractions to help them find something fun to attend. To haunters, Hellscape is a series of simple tools that replace the need for an expensive, cumbersome website, help to get the word out about their haunt, and allow them to ticket customers. We’re your digital haunting hub.

Save time. Save money. Increase awareness. Get back to building haunts.


Get more guests with less (no) money and less work

As haunters, we’re all too familiar with many of the major pain points you encounter every season. List or claim your haunted attraction (for free!) on Hellscape, and we’ll help you with the following:

Get more guests: We’ll drive traffic to your haunt by making it easy for guests to discover you and the relevant info needed to attend your attraction. Hellscape’s visitors become your guests.

Find actors and seasonal help: Folks who like attending haunted houses often like helping with them. We collect contact info from interested parties and will pass it along to you, should you need a hand this season.

Save time: You have a haunt to build, not a website to maintain. Let us handle the formatting, the general maintenance, and introduce slick new features as they become available.

Save money: Building, hosting, and maintaining a web presence can be expensive from a time perspective and a wallet perspective. We handle all of these aspects for you through your Hellscape profile, free of charge.

Maintain control: Let us know when things change, or if an update is needed to your Hellscape profile. We’ll get it updated in a jiffy to reflect the latest and greatest info.

Collect donations: Is your attraction free to attend? Let the community show their appreciation for your efforts with a low-pressure option to say thanks.

Sell merchandise: Haunts are expensive! Help offset the costs by selling sweet gear to your raving fans in our merchandise marketplace.

Access a super-simple ticketing platform: Researching ticketing options is time consuming, expensive, and a total pain in the ass. We’ve implemented a super-simple ticketing platform that makes things easy, makes you look professional, and gets guests committed to attending your attraction. Tickets can be free or paid. There’s even a braindead-simple mobile app so you can scan tickets and check your guests in at the door.


Yes, the vast majority of what we do is free, so how do we keep the lights on?

We understand your skepticism. There’s a method to our madness. The power of Hellscape originates from you, our haunters. We offer so many free features because we want you to join us, and by doing so, improve the experience for guests visiting the site. More guests visiting the site means everyone benefits. We’re able to earn a living because…

We charge professional haunts for actor leads.

We earn 15% of merchandise and products sold through the marketplace.

We earn 15% of paid tickets sold through our platform.

We charge for costume and prop stores to list their shops.


List or claim your haunt… for free.

Add your haunt to the hellscape, or claim an existing haunt. Update any content relevant to your attraction. And… you’re done! Get back to building your haunt! Easy, huh?

The list of things not to do is much larger; Don’t pull out your wallet. Don’t call up your web developer or spend hours updating a website. Don’t pour hours into researching ticketing platforms.


Let’s go! Get started by filling out this contact form!

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