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Welcome to the Brimstone Asylum at Coffin Creek where you can explore Coffin Creek’s 5 haunted attractions and the Dark Shadow Market Place at one Terrifying Location!

Each attraction is independently owned and operated, so you get 5 truly unique attractions! Below, read the legend of Coffin Creek as told to me by the old caretaker.
Then, check out our gallery and see photo of the flood that washed coffins from the Guasti Cemetery into Coffin Creek.

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  • Scare factor:¬†Scary

  • Appropriate For: Ages 12+

  • Organization Type: Commercial/For profit haunted house

  • Category: Haunted House

  • Additional info: Outdoor Events, Touching not allowed, $5 parking


Witness the horror, while it lasts

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Answers to common questions

Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online. The box office is located at the haunt. Check back in September for more information.

At this time Covid face mask are not required buy highly recommened.

Sorry, each guest must have there own ticket to enter the attraction.

Yes! If it wasn’t we wouldn’t keep doing this!

Yes! We have a fully trained security staff that monitors the attraction, queue and parking areas. There is at least one armed off-duty police officer onsite at all times.

No! Our actors are trained not to touch any customer for any reason. Sometimes accidents do happen, but touching is never intentional. This works two ways. Please do not touch our actors or props! Remember, touch nothing and nothing will touch you!

There are exits located throughout the attraction. If you become too frightened to complete your tour please let one of our actors know. They will escort you to the nearest exit and security will escort you out of the attraction. You will NOT be given a refund.

Coffin Creek is not recommended for children under the age of 12, but it really depends upon the child. We leave the decision up to the parents. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please remember that no refunds will be given at any time, for any reason.

Coffin Creek does allow costumes provided you do not wear masks, you do not carry any weapons of any kind or anything that can be used as a weapon and do not attempt to scare other guests.. Please remember that no refunds will be given at any time, for any reason.

No! At Coffin Creek we have 5 Haunted Attractions. 1 Hay Ride, 1 haunted trail and 3 haunted houses you find your way through the terror and mayhem un-escorted.

Yes! Groups of 18 or more may request a Group Discount at [email protected] Or Purchase Discount Group Tickets

Want More Information? Contact Us! For more information please send an email to: [email protected]


The Legend

The legend started in 1938 when Southern California had 14 days of rain causing sever flooding. Here is part of the article from the Santa Ana Register (now the OC Register):
Corona, CA — AP

As the flood waters subside from 2 week of flooding, 13 coffins were discovered in the wooded area next to River Rd and Archibald Ave in the city of Corona. “The coffins are believed to from the abandoned Guasti Cemetery in the city Ontario” said Officer Willmans. Officer Willmans went on to say “The coffins were found by some locals floating in a small creek that runs through the woods. The authority’s and locals started referring to this area as Coffin Creek.

The authority’s continue to search the woods for the remains of the 13 coffins. Only 2 ¬†coffins had the remains found nearby. The remains of 2 other empty coffins were found in the woods, some 30 yards to the west of what is now called Coffin Creek.

As the sun rose, Officer Willmans said ” We had to stop searching last night, those woods got really creepy after dark. I called off the search when I started seeing and hearings things, strange things, like (continued on page 3 see Coffin Creek)

This is all of the article I could find, page 3 was missing. Now it’s up to you to find out what is haunting the woods.


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