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America’s Biggest and Longest Haunted Screampark is back bigger and scarier than ever before. In 2021 Creepyworld will feature 13 haunted Attractions in one location including the all NEW Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home – Tales of Terror – The Pumpkin Barn and an all-new Krampus haunted house. Creepyworld features St Louis’ ONLY Haunted Hayride ‘Trick R Treat Haunted Hayride’ plus multiple haunted houses.  Creepyworld is the longest haunted house in St Louis by far!  Bring your camera as Creepyworld features multiple photo ops for you and your friends!  Creepyworld features several haunted houses including Haunted Asylum, Haunted Prison, Haunted Hospital, Sleepyaway Camp, Krampus, Blackout, Silo-X, Haunted Mansion, and the new Sleepy Hollow 3D haunted house.  Creepyworld takes over one hour to complete so bring your friends and scream together.    REMEMBER CREEPYWORLD IS ALMOST COMPLETLY OUTSIDE UNDER THE PALE MOONLIGHT!  SCREAM WITH YOUR FRIENDS THIS HALLOWEEN AT CREEPYWORLD with the biggest RENOVATION in our HISTORY!

We’re Here to Scare


Things to know before you go

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  • Scare factor: Scary

  • Appropriate For: Ages 12+

  • Organization Type: Commercial/For profit haunted house

  • Category: Screampark

  • Additional info: Outdoor events, Indoor events, Touching not allowed, $5 parking


Answers to common questions

You can purchase your tickets on location at the ticket booth with credit cards or cash.  Or you can pay online using a major credit card (recommended).

When buying tickets online you will receive tickets by email.  We can printed tickets or tickets on your phone.

If you order online, you will print your tickets from home immediately after completing your order purchase.  If you buy them at our ticket window box office, you will be given tickets at that time.  WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO BUY ONLINE!

Coupons are only good when buying tickets at the box office.  Tickets online are already discounted and save you time.  If you download a ticket simply bring one per person to the box office.  Coupons are good any night in September, November or weekdays in October. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE we sometimes offer PROMO CODES that can be used online.

You will save time at the attraction.  The longest lines are to buy tickets.  Once you purchase online you go straight into the line to enter skipping the ticketing line.  We can your phone or printed ticket.  Do not wait in ticketing line.  Keep in mind when you buy a ticket online your tickets are good ANY NIGHT we’re open.  We also now sell IMMEDIATE ACCESS Tickets – Show up Go in!   HOWEVER IF YOU DON’T MIND WAITING IN A LINE TO BUY TICKETS IF YOU USE CASH YOU SAVE WE CHARGE NO TAX AND THERE ARE NO SERVICE FEES.

NO!  And we have metal detectors.  Keep them in your trunk do NOT bring weapons of any kind into our haunts.

Parking at Creepyworld is $5.00 to cover cost of staff.   Additionally make sure you leave valuables at home.  DO NOT LEAVE valuables in the front seat of your car.

Creepyworld can be totally booked out on days we’re not open to the public.  In other words if Creepyworld isn’t open on a Tuesday and you have a group of several hundred we can open just for your company.  Email us here for details:  [email protected]

The CreepyWorld attraction is partially indoors and partially outdoors with a massive covered waiting area. Creepyworld may close on weekdays if it rains. Any change in plans are posted on the front page blog.

They are NOT handicap accessible.  The crowds can limit the accessibility and safety of handicapped individuals, so it is NOT recommended.   Creepyworld is very difficult for handicapped individuals because or the outdoor terrain and the outdoor nature of the attraction.  Unwanted wear and tear can and will result on wheelchairs and/or other assisting devices, and therefore not recommended.  If you have a broken leg or other prior injuries or prior medical conditions, you should not enter the attractions.

It depends on how fast you travel through the maze. Creepy World features 13 different haunted houses.  Attractions are over 50,000 square feet and can easily result in a one hour total time.  We suggest you take your time for maximum fun and excitement to ensure you see everything available.

YES!  We hire local Police.

Yes.  We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc.  We have a list of rules that must be adhered to for your own safety and the safety of the other guests.  Violation of these rules will usually bring a warning.  However, you may be asked to leave.  It is in your best interest to behave accordingly, as there are no refunds.

We’ve never had any serious injuries at any of our attractions in nearly 30 years of operation. Running is the main cause of minor injuries.  Make sure to follow the rules, specifically don’t run and you’ll be fine. Follow all the rules and do not stray from the main paths.  YOU MUST READ the WARNING page before you enter the attractions.  The WARNING signs are also displayed at each attraction.  DO NOT ATTEND if you have medical conditions that might cause you an injury… DO NOT enter our attractions if you are prone to seizers or if you have ANY kind of respiratory conditions, especially asthma, heart conditions.  Do not enter if you have broken bones, casts or are pregnant.  Again, you must read and understand our warning signs before considering entry into our events.  Almost all injuries that do occur are a result from the customer running and they run into one of our actors, a wall, or run and fall down. DO NOT RUN!  Also DO NOT TOUCH props this may also result in an injury.  DO NOT RUN UP AND DOWN STAIRS.  But above all do NOT attend our attractions if you suffer from various different pre-existing medical conditions.  Enter at own risk.  Not responsible for any injury.

We’re suggesting no one visit with a fever and wear mask covering while attending the haunted houses.   Do not attend our event if you’re sick, have a fever or recently had the flu.  Warning’s are posted please read them before attending.  We’re operating with fewer actors and they’re working in SCAREZONES.  We have also added twice as many air cannons and sound fx to scare customers things that don’t require actors.  Guests can wear face coverings if they choose.

YES we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to add the latest and best screams, new attractions, and things to entertain our guests. Creepyworld gets whole new haunted houses each season. In 2019 we added a haunted asylum and in 2020 we added Sleepy Hollow 3D and 2021 we added Tales of Terror Video Mapping Show and Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home.

Another great question.  There is no comparison between other local haunts and Darkness, Lemp or Creepyworld.  Amusement Park haunts from our perspective have very basic haunt mazes, with a bigger focus on their rides.  Other local attractions are more than likely very low budget. Creepyworld is considered one of the best 25 haunted attractions in the entire WORLD! Haunt owners, Amusement Park operators from AROUND the WORLD have visited our attractions.  Our company has also built haunted houses for nearly every theme park in America.  Trust us there is no comparison!  LOL

No.  And you’re not allowed to bring them on any of our properties.

Yes and No.  Haunted houses are dark and everyone, especially the actors, get adjusted to the low light.  When you flash your camera, you’re not only ruining other customers’ experience but your hurting the actors’/customers’ eyes.  HOWEVER you’re allowed to take any photos or videos without a flash.  Our que lines have several monsters who will take pictures with you.  You can take all the photos you want inside the haunted houses without a FLASH!  Outside the haunted houses we have photo ops set up and you’re free to use your flash.

No pets. No weapons. No alcoholic beverages. No drugs. No cigarettes. No costumes.   It is also recommended to leave your valuables at home, like cell phones, purses, loose jewelry and more.  We do not stop production to search for lost or missing items.  All lost or missing items will be searched for after the close of business.  We are not liable for lost or missing items.  Additionally DO NOT LEAVE valuables in your cars.  YOU MAY WEAR FACE MASKS AND RUBBER GLOVES.   NO GUNS AND NO WEAPONS we can metal detect any customer.

No. Our actors are trained not to touch any customer for any reason.  You will not be grabbed or touched by any actors unless it’s by accident, which does happen.  We also ask that you DO NOT touch our actors or any staff members as well as the props and sets. Warning it’s possible one of our actors might touch you or another customer might touch you.  You’re taking that risk upon entry.  If you feel you have been touched without consent please inform our management.

Yes. We sell everything from glow sticks to food to t-shirts and hoodie. Creepyworld has food trucks and sells donuts.

On October weekends we try to open as early as 6pm to 7pm.  On weekdays we open later and in September we open later, simply because it’s still light outside.  Please refer to the times and dates page of our website.

We have had cars broken into like any other place in America.  We have NEVER had a car stolen, or broken into where someone didn’t leave a purse or something very valuable in the front seat.  In almost every case a car has been broken into someone has left a purse in the front seat.  When attending our attractions DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES leave ANYTHING valuable in your car.  Please do NOT bring anything with you or put everything in your trunk.  We have parking lot attendants at Creepyworld. We do watch the cars as best we can.

We are NOT responsible for any lost valuables or if your car is broken into.

We have no age restrictions so long as the child is (a) accompanied by adult supervision, and (b) wants to go through on his/her own will with no one forcing him/her through.  All kids are different.  If you think your children will enjoy the scares, then bring them down.  Please use appropriate judgment, and remember there are no refunds.

YES we do. Creepyworld has a haunted midway with games and escapes and a massive haunted hayride.

YES, we make videos all the time for the promotion of our haunted houses.  Additionally we have a security system that films everything.  Lastly we are also on national TV shows all the time so yes you can be filmed.  By entering the haunted houses are you agreeing to allow your image to be used.

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No we do not.  You can however gift your tickets to anyone you want.  In other words if you can’t make it then simply give the tickets to someone you know.  You’re allowed to transfer tickets to someone else.

NO!  We can’t have our customers thinking you’re one of our staff.  No costumes and no masks allowed into the attractions.    YOU CAN WEAR FACE MASKS for COVID.

YES!  Are you medically sensitive to fog?  Don’t come!  We use strobe lights!  Do you have a fear of enclosed spaces?  Are you an expectant mother?  Do you have any type of heart condition, abnormal blood pressure, sensitive to loud noises, sudden movement, heart conditions, broken bones, or simply not physically fit?  DO NOT ATTEND our attraction.  You enter at your own risk!  Not responsible for any injury.   If you’ve had a fever, flu or covid 19 do NOT attend.

WOW SOMEONE actually asked this question?  We have a great answer… please visit our attractions any night in September or November or weekdays Sunday thru Thursday.  The first weekend in October isn’t very busy either.  Many people think Halloween would be slammed but its NOT!  So in short come any weekend in November or September, first weekend in October or any weeknight.  If you come any of these nights we put guests thru SLOWER and wait times are much shorter.  PLEASE come on these nights.

Great question.  We offer cheaper tickets prices for different dates however our busiest days might go up in price.  Take advantage of the dates when prices are the cheapest.  Visit our haunts any nights in September or November or weekdays in October.  You can only use coupons at the box office.


Creepyworld features 13 haunted attractions

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This year prepare for the biggest renovation in our haunted history! Start with the all-new Tales of Terror a video mapping Haunt Show.  We use cutting edge technology to project a show on an old haunted mansion filling it with ghosts and more. Our second all-new haunt is Slaughter and Sons Funeral Home where the dead are never buried. If you dare enter the old abondonded funeral home and graveyard. Next we’ve totally renovated Krampus to include new animations, scenes and a massive Christmas Light Show.

Lastly, we’ve added the coolest attraction yet The Pumpkin Barn with over 200 famous faces carved into pumpkins.  Bring your camera’s in 2021 and prepare to go live on facebook, instagram, snapchat or tik tok and stream 7 Tales of Terror of The Pumpkin Barn.  Creepyworld 2021 will have dozens of spots to take video and photos.

Creepyworld also features Trick r Treat Haunted Hayride with famous deadly sections such as a visit to the town of Sleepy Hollow, Camp Crystal Lake, and a stop at the Bates motel.  Creepyworld is the only haunt with a haunted hayride.

Creepyworld presents the all-new Monster Midway with several new attractions including Zombie Axe Throwing, new Pumpkin Barn, Zombie Paintball, Midway Games, Horror Movie Drive In, and bring your photos for several monster photo ops. Creepyworld also features a Creepyworld gift store, and drinks, hot donuts, and dip n dots.

This year we’ve added something all new a brand new 5 minute escape ROOM SCARIER THAN EVER BEFORE: Tomb of the Vampire


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