Field of Screams

When it comes to terrifying thrills and spine-tingling chills, Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA will give you more than you can handle! We provide the Ultimate AtmosFEAR!

Field of Screams offers four themed attractions: The Frightmare Asylum, Den of Darkness, Nocturnal Wasteland, and the Haunted Hayride

We’re Here to Scare


Things to know before you go

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  • Scare factor: Scary

  • Appropriate For: Ages 10+

  • Organization Type: Commercial/For profit

  • Category: Haunted House

  • Additional info: Outdoor Events, Touching not allowed, Free parking


Answers to common questions

The Den of Darkness and the Frightmare Asylum never close due to rain. The Haunted Hayride and Nocturnal Wasteland will remain open during rain but will close if it begins to lightning or if the weather becomes severe.

Of Course! This is a great night to attend Field of Screams. And believe it or not, there are normally not large crowds on this night. Check out our dates and times page for complete information on this evening.

We are located immediately off of the Mountville Exit of Route 30 in Lancaster County, PA. The physical address is 191 College Ave Mountville PA 17554.

Bags are NOT allowed. Leave all bags in your vehicle.

If you are 16 years or older click on the “volunteer” link at the bottom of the page and submit your information.

Sure, you will have to be the judge of whether your child will be too scared or not. Some 8 year olds have a great time while some 38 year olds cry for their mommy! Our policy is that we don’t recommend our Field of Screams attractions for children under 10 years old. Instead, we offer Corn Cob Acres, a non-scary daytime alternative which boasts over 40 kid-friendly games and activities. Visit for more information on this fun event.

You may come, but we do not recommend that you participate in any of the four Haunted Attractions simply as a safety precaution.

We do not recommend attending Field of Screams as there are strobes in all four of our haunted attractions. Please consult with a doctor before you arrive.

The fall season can result in cool nights so even if it is warm during the day, it may get chilly at night. Dress in layers. Also, you are coming to a farm so please don’t wear your best clothes and shoes. The Field of Screams property does consist of mostly stone and paver pathways.

Feel free to come wearing a costume if you would like, however most people do not. Masks are NOT permitted (except for the medical kind).

YES! We have special groups rates on our Scream Pass and even have priority parking for buses. Please email [email protected] for more information regarding your group attending Field of Screams.

All Turkey Hill Minit Markets and Rutter’s display our brochures. You can find the FOS brochure in numerous pizza shops, bowling alleys, and many other stores as well.

Ticket sales begin at 6pm on most nights and as early as 4pm on select evenings. See our Dates and Times Calendar for specific opening times on the night you want to attend. Arrive as close as possible to the ticket booth opening times to beat the crowds. Another way to avoid large crowds is to attend FOS in September, November, or on a Sunday evening.

Service dogs are permitted, but the environment and general nature of the attractions at Field of Screams may not be an appropriate place for a service animal. Please be advised that the dog will be exposed to large crowds, loud noises, sensors and intense situations. Please use discretion. There are no other pets or emotional support animals permitted on the property.

Please contact us or email us at [email protected] and we can work to accommodate special needs.

Plan on being at FOS for the evening. Aside from the four Haunted Attractions, there is always something fun happening in our Entertainment Area. It takes about 20 – 25 minutes per attraction.

Yes there is! We have many different concession trailers that sell hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, French fries, soft pretzels, hot and cold drinks, snacks, desserts and so on.

There are ample portable toilets on site.

The ticket booth at Field of Screams is cash only, but we do have two ATMs on location.

If you’d like to purchase your tickets with a credit card, purchase your tickets online.

Yes, it is free with the purchase of a ticket to any one of our four Haunted Attractions.

Your tickets are final after you complete your purchase. Field of Screams cannot change your arrival time or event date.

You can bring the bar code on your phone or bring your order number and the last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase your tickets and we can verify your tickets at the ticket booth.

No. Field of Screams is only located in Mountville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We have no association with any other haunts although some may use the name Field of Screams.

Yes. Field of Screams works as consultants of several other haunted attractions around the United States and the World.


Our Haunted Attractions

Haunted Hayride at Field of Screams
Den of Darkness at Field of Screams
Frightmare asylum at Field of Screams
Nocturnal Wasteland at Field of Screams

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Haunted Hayride

Prepare yourself for the most disturbing, the most heart-pounding, and the most intense ride of your life! There is no turning back as the tractor-pulled wagons take you on a horrifying hayride into the depths of our dark and sinister cornfield.

Den of Darkness

Three stories of sheer terror await as you creep through the dismal passageways and maddening mazes of this 200 year-old original barn. Incredible detail, dynamic set design, and a multitude of grotesque inhabitants guarantee high-impact scares and sensory overload!

Frightmare Asylum

Welcome to your worst Nightmare! Check in to your new living quarters at the Frightmare Asylum and become a part of the bone-chilling madness as you explore 4 floors of the demented and the deranged! Feel the fear as you meet the disturbed doctors and nightmarish nurses who have taken up residence here! Experience elaborate theming, state-of-the-art scares, and seemingly endless scenes and rooms that are packed with more cutting-edge special effects than you can handle. In the Frightmare Asylum, no one an hear you scream!

Nocturnal Wasteland

In the foreboding and desolate woods on the Field of Screams property lies the Nocturnal Wasteland. As you walk down the narrow, winding paths through the dense overgrown vegetation, you will come face-to-face with the mutant creatures of this fear-filled forest! Your screams and cries for mercy will be too distant to be heard. TOTALLY NEW and Revamped Scenes, Pathways, and Scares are in store for you!


For your viewing displeasure…


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