Southern California’s First Haunted Car Wash

Starting at $35 per car, residents of Orange County and all nearby cities are welcomed to come with their family and friends to experience a one-of-a-kind Halloween thrill, filled with chills and Terror to delight the entire group. The Tunnel of Terror is a carefully curated experience, with scary and creepy performers popping up throughout the wash, and special effects providing a terrifying ambiance. Participants can also expect unique surprises each night!

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We’re Here to Scare


Things to know before you go

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  • Scare factor: Moderately Scary

  • Appropriate For: Ages 8+

  • Organization Type: Haunted Car Wash Business

  • Category: Haunted Car Wash

  • Additional info: Outdoor Events, Touching not allowed, Free parking


Answers to common questions

Vehicles with the following will not be admitted into the  tunnel for your safety and ours.

  • Vehicles that are too high, 7’ 2″ maximum clearance
  • Vehicles with lowered suspensions or extra wide tires
  • Vehicles with caked on mud
  • Vehicles with 5th wheels
  • Vehicles with body damage, loose parts or trim, or after market accessories
  • Dually trucks
  • Open bed pickup trucks with any loose items and/or debris. Bed must be completely cleared prior to washing
  • Trucks with racks or hitches of any type
  •  No Motorcycles
  • We reserve the right to refuse to wash any vehicle that we determine at our sole discretion may experience damage or cause damage to our machinery or other vehicles.
  • Your saftey and the safety of our staff is important to us
  • We ask all visitors to remain inside their vehicles  at all times throughout the event.
  • Visitors are expected to obey all posted signage.
  • All vehicles will be placed into the neutral position by the driver when instructed.
  • Drivers will keep their hands off the steering wheel and feet  off the pedals while the vehicle is in the tunnel.


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