Welcome to Hellscape Haunted Houses! Or maybe I should say, “please, welcome Hellscape Haunted Houses!”

Hellscape is the future of haunted house discovery. It’s our take on a modern, elegant, and easy-to-use directory for haunted attractions both large and small. Like those attractions in the directory, we’re dead focused on a great guest experience. That means rich features that make finding info and participating in spooky season easy and fun. It also means a clean, responsive design that takes advantage of modern technologies and stays up-to-date.

We aren’t stopping at the guest experience, though. As haunters ourselves, we’re considering the needs of our fellow seasonal junkies, and providing powerful and scalable features that we would have killed for in the past. Ticketing. Help finding seasonal actors, wardrobe specialists, and builders. Merchandise and prop marketplace (coming soon!). It’s these value-add features that we offer to haunters in order to keep Hellscape clean of adds and constantly improving.

On the surface, Hellscape appears like a directory for guests to discover information. But that’s just the start to our story. It’s our primary goal to help our haunters see higher traffic, expand their attractions, and evolve with the times as modern haunts. Our goals are aligned, and that means we’re partners. Let’s grow, together.